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Newell Facts

The Newell Region is unique and distinct from other communities in the province. To learn more about the Newell Region please explore the information below.
Where's Newell?

The Newell Region is readily accessible to Canada's major east-west transport route (Highway 1 - Trans Canada), north via Highway 36 to connect the County to northern Alberta oilsands, and south via Highway 36 or Highway 875 to the U.S. border and I-15 - a major north-south trade route terminating at Los Angeles/San Diego. The county is located in the heart of the Palliser Triangle in southeastern Alberta. The Newell Region is approximately 107 km northwest of Medicine Hat and 187 km southeast of Calgary. 


With a total population of 24,662 the Newell Region boasts a highly diverse demographic profile. Throughout the county numerous ethnicities, religions, and languages are present, as the region can be considered one of the most multi-cultural county’s throughout the province. With this high level of diversity residents are tolerant and harmonized with one another and the differences in cultural practices.

To learn more about the demographics that comprise the Newell Region including, population breakdown bye age, average building age, private dwelling and population comparison, income levels, and much more, please visit the Opportunity Newell website.

Newell’s History

The history of the land that is known as the Newell Region ranges from the time of the dinosaurs at Dinosaur Provincial Park, to the coming of the pioneers and railroad construction. Ranging further to the developments in today’s irrigation agriculture and the oil and gas industry. The County of Newell No. 4 was incorporated on January 1, 1953 through the amalgamation of the Municipal District of Newell No. 28 and part of the Municipal District of Bow Valley No. 40. The County of Newell No. 40 changed names to solely the County of Newell on September 9, 2011.

Weather & Climate

The Newell Region is located in the semi-arid region of Alberta. The region is a part of Alberta’s sun-belt and receives approximately 2300 hours of sunlight annually, one of the sunniest places in Canada! The average amount of precipitation annually is 13.7 inches, with an average temperature high of 10.9° Celsius and an average low of -2.4° Celsius. However even within winter the region gets a break from the cold with warm chinook winds that blow over from the Rockies.

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