Cost of Living

The Region of Newell has a unique situation for Cost of Living. The Opportunities in the rich Oil and Gas fields of the Region of Newell provide high income for those working in its fields, but contrasts the other industries working in the Region. The following section will help you better understand the various Costs of Living in the Region of Newell and in the communities found inside.     


Residential property taxes are a major factor in the consideration of moving or purchasing a home. Luckily Alberta and the County of Newell pay relatively low property and municipal taxes in comparison across Canada.

Please visit the following municipal websites for more information on tax rates:


Housing Affordability

The County of Newell has lower housing costs than many other surrounding areas in southern Alberta. For example a house within the County of Newell generally costs 42% less than a house in Calgary and roughly 20% less than a house in Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. In terms of rented dwellings, $616 is the median price within the County of Newell, $138 less than the average price for the province...

Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of living is relatively lower within the Newell Region than those in larger urban centres, generally giving consumers within the Newell Region higher purchasing power. Overall Alberta generally has a lower cost of living than many other provinces across Canada, and coupled with Alberta’s low tax rates the cost of living is decreased even more. 

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