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The Region of Newell has a great many utilities and infrastructure pieces that many other regions do not. The Region of Newell has one of the most expansive water distribution networks in Alberta. This also provides a number of irrigation services that promotes the agricultural industry. There are also numerous electrical distributors, Natural Gas Co-Ops, and high-speed wireless internet. Each of these provides unique service opportunities that make operations in the Rural Regions of Newell just as convenient as living in the urban centers.

Wastewater System

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Water & Sewer Services are provided by the County of Newell in each of Lake Newell Resort, Patricia, Rainier (water service only), Rolling Hills and Scandia. Also available in each Hamlet, excepting Lake Newell Resort, are bulk water fill stations for anyone not receiving water through County of Newell Infrastructures.

In addition to water services within Hamlets, County Council agreed to pursue delivery of domestic water to rural residences. This program has been named the County of Newell Water Project (CNWP). Rural Water Distribution is an exciting new concept relative to improving the quality of life to residents, conveyed through a trickle system seeing the delivery of 300 gallons of potable water per day. The project kicked off in the fall of 2011 with project completion expected in 2015. The majority of costs are being funded through the MSI Grant. Click here to be directed to CNWP section of our website.

In order to operate the County of Newell Water and Sewer systems effectively, the County retained the professional services of Newell Regional Services Corporation (NRSC) to operate water distribution, sewer collection and treatment infrastructures. For water and sewer service concerns please contact NRSC.

For more information please visit the NRSC website  via the "More Information" button. 


There is a wide variety of communication possibilities which are suitable for both home and business within the County of Newell.  Internet service is available for remote locations throughout the county. For telecommunications, the local service providers are:           


There is a wide variety of communication possibilities which are suitable for both home and business within the County of Newell.  Internet service is available for remote locations throughout the county. For telecommunications, the local service providers are:            

Natural Gas

ATCO Gas and Direct Energy are the primary natural gas suppliers within the County of Newell.

For more information on ATCO Gas click here.

For more information on Direct Energy click here


The primary electricity suppliers within the County of Newell are EPCOR and Fortis Alberta.

For more information on EPCOR click here.

For more information on Fortis Alberta click here.

Recycling & Compost

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Newell Recycling Association is operated by a local non-profit organization formed in 1992. Newell Recycling offers services to the City of Brooks and the County of Newell including Duchess, Patricia, Rosemary, Tilley, Rolling Hills, Scandia, Gem, and Lake Newell Resort. Currently a new facility is under construction, the new facility will offer additional space and better efficiencies. The centre also offers compost services to residents of the county. Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Currently some areas within the county offer curbside compost bins to assist residents in composting needs.

For more information on the Newell Recycling Association click on the "More Information" button.

Waste Management

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The Newell Regional Landfill is a Class 2 Sanitary Landfill accepting non-hazardous waste. It is a cooperative project owned and operated by the City of Brooks, County of Newell, Town of Bassano, Village of Duchess, Village of Rosemary and the Village of Tilley.

The landfill is located just off of the Trans-Canada Highway #1 and the Highway #36 intersection. Various communities within the county offer weekly pick up of household waste, or have transfer stations where citizens can leave their waste to be transported to the landfill. Weekly pick up and transfer stations vary according to area, for more information on pick-up/drop off locations please contact your local municipality.

Water System

The NRSC (Newell Regional Services Corporation) was formed by partnership of all Urban Municipalities in the County of Newell including the County to see the installation of regional water transmission main pipelines conveying potable water throughout the region. The upgrading and improvements to the Brooks Water Treatment Plant and installation of regional water pipelines is soon to be completed. Upon completion, The City of Brooks, Villages of Duchess, Rosemary and Tilley, and the Hamlets and rural residents of the County of Newell will have access to portable water treated then distributed through the pipeline system. This system is designed to reduce the escalating operating costs of smaller treatment facilities, reduce the number of capital cost improvements to see each of the smaller treatment systems upgraded to meet current legislations and regulations, as well as have the ability to use staff resources more effectively.

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