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Box 202 Brooks, AB.

Brooks, Alberta, Canada, T1R 1B3

Phone: 403-363-1048

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Food Coalition Society of Brooks

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We are everyday people living in the community, loving nutritious food and supporting local food projects and activity programs. We bring the Fresh Food Club program to our community. We promote food security so people at all times have access to nutritious, safe, culturally appropriate and obtained in a manner that maintains human dignity.

Fresh Food Club
What is the Fresh Food Club?
Picture a healthy supply of crisp, tasty natural fruits and vegetables packed for your convenience and ready to go home with you once each month. Food...
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How does it work?

It works this way: Choose the size of box that fits your lifestyle:

  • Small - just fruit - $5/month
  • Medium - fruit and vegetables...
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What are the benefits?
  • Pre-ordering decreases waste
  • Bulk purchasing brings down the cost
  • Member & volunteer commitment decrease program costs...
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Grasslands Regional FCSS Society
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Box 1994
Brooks, AB T1R 1C7
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