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About Francophone Association

The "Association Francophone de Brooks" AFB

Our programs are inclusive, we offer services to francophone children and youth and others ( Syrian, Somali, Eritreans, Colombian, Mexican, Indian etc.

The AFB has 2 main projects:

A. The French services project;

B. The immigrants children and youth integration project.

The immigrant children and youth integration project mission is:

To provide accessible services and support to all immigrant and refugee children and youth.

This program goal is:

To enhance integration of immigrant and refugee children and youth into Canadian society by providing programming in community connection and information and orientation.

The immigrant children and youth integration programs are:

1. Community connections: volunteering

2.Afterschool program: Homework club, reading, writing, presentations, discussion forums...

3. Employment program for youth: resume writing, interview, the Canadian labor market,...

4. Mentorship program: Youth helping children.

5. Summer program: English, Math, French and Social courses, discover Canada (trips to different cities and sites), volunteering in the community, soccer tournament and much more.

6. English language skills development: English course for newcomers children and youth.

7. Recreation activities: Soccer tournament in summer and winter, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, board games and much more.

8. Special events: Immigrant and refugee children and youth are involved in different events in our community.

9. Orientation and information: education, community services,...

AFB provide free transportation and snack for participants.