About Rural Crime Watch

Mission Statement

Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association will strive to promote rural crime prevention through communication, programs and fund raising.


  1. To assist with the following:
    • To improve community awareness with regard to crime prevention
    • To promote crime prevention through the sharing of information regarding techniques, products and ideas;
    • To interact and share information with other crime watch/prevention groups within the Province of Alberta;
    • To revitalize old Rural Crime Watches and establish new Rural Crime Watches and establish new Rural Crime Watch Associations;
    • Provide information and education to seniors through the Wise Owl program.
  2. To establish and maintain a system of Watch Associations.
  3. To study problems of concern to rural areas of the Province such as, but not limited to the prevention of crime, the investigation of incidents and the judicial system.
  4. To communicate the views of the Provincial Association and/or its members to the various levels of government and/or the police or other investigating forces operating in the Province of Alberta.
  5. To assist in the prevention of crime.
  6. To do all such things as are necessary to the attainment of such objectives.
  7. Wise Owls Seniors Fraud Prevention Program
    Wise Owls program provides information and training to seniors regarding fraud awareness and fraud prevention. Presentations are available upon request at: aprcwa@interbaun.com or at 780-422-0922 the Alberta Provincial Rural Crime Watch Association office in Edmonton, Alberta.