About Seniors Outreach Program

The need for a Seniors Outreach program was recognized from a 1984 survey.  The Brooks and District Seniors Outreach Society was started in 1986.  It has been gradually growing as the years have gone by. 
The first Sub-committee was made up of 4 members (Roberta Rogers, Leona Ferguson, Elsie Grosfield and Kay Jacobson).  Then an actual Board was established in 1987 with Roberta Rogers, Leona Ferguson, Doreen Brandt, Reverand Wes Hutton and Hazel Wagar. 
With the foundation of the Seniors Outreach Program growing stronger, we now have a Board with 9 members.  ( George Moutford, Renee Seitz, Dianne Braatten,  Pat Evans, Dorothy Trimmer, Ann Massey, Betty Hok, Sandra Sanheim and Roberta Connauton)
Seniors Outreach has had some ups and downs over the years.  It was in 1987 when FCSS was approached for funding the Seniors Outreach Program.  This funding allowed for a couple staff members (Glenda Goudie and Rae Navratil) and office space.  Seniors Outreach was originally located in the Alberta Social Services Building and is currently at  1235 3rd St. W. Brooks, AB. (in the Sunrise Gardens/Agecare Building)  Our current Executive Director is Daphne Anstey-Martin and Administrative Assistant is Laurie Morgan.
Over the years many programs have been offered to our seniors.  Most of these programs would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers.  In the beginning there was a constant volunteer base of 50 people.  Today, we have approximately 130 volunteers helping with all our programs.  For this we are grateful.
Memberships to the Seniors Outreach Society weren’t sold until 1990.  There were approximately 200 members at that time.  Since then we have increased our support to as many as 400 members.
Annual Memberships are $20.00/person.