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2014 Quality of Life Research

A Community Mapping Project (2007) completed by Grasslands Regional FCSS showed the unique characteristics of a blended rural/urban county. This increases the complexity of utilizing existing quality of life measures as there is no valid/reliable system to test for a blended rural/urban community. There was no established means to collect and analyze blended data for our communities

FCSS recognizes the importance of continuing to collect information with the understanding of the limitations of existing quality of life measures. The Quality of Life analysis provides useful information as a first step towards a blended rural/urban analysis useful to community stakeholders including FCSS.

Full Reports: City of Brooks and Newell Region

Community Snapshots/Profiles: City of Brooks, County of Newell, Village of Duchess, Hamlet of Tilley, Town of Bassano, Village of Rosemary

Reports and Community Snapshots are available on the main Grasslands Regional FCSS page, click HERE


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