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Meal on Wheels

Grasslands Regional FCSS provides funding to Brooks & District Seniors Outreach to administer and purchase related supplies for the Meals on Wheels Program. The Meals on Wheels Program is a subsidized home-delivered meal program available to seniors in our communities.

The Newell Foundation through Newbrook Lodge provides the meals for the program. Meals are served at 12 noon, Monday to Friday in Brooks. County residents also have Meals-On-Wheels service options.

Eligibility for Meal-On-Wheels is based on a completed needs assessment for the individual's ability to prepare meals without assistance due to assessed medical condition, as well as combined annual net income.

You may qualify for a Meals-On-Wheels subsidy, depending on your annual net income. Please call 362-4131 (Seniors Outreach) for more information.

In Partnership with Seniors Outreach, (403) 362-4131


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