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The Town of Bassano is conveniently located just off the Trans-Canada Highway, nestled in the middle of Calgary and Medicine Hat. Bassano is home to 1,206 citizens forming a community that thrives on agriculture, manufacturing industries, and oil and gas. 

With Southern Alberta’s warm summers and a combination of miles of irrigation systems, outstanding quality crops makes the Bassano area one of the most stable growing environments in Alberta. Dedication to heritage and pioneer values is why Bassano lies within the heart of Canada’s bread basket. The cowboy lifestyle is alive and thriving with Bassano ranchers producing the best beef in the West by a Dam-Site! 

The commercial industry is a true asset of Bassano. Not only is the Town of Bassano the leader in electrical and mechanical manufacturing, Bassano also delivers to the American Markets, with easy access to the Trans-Canada Highway, C.P Rail's mainline and the Bassano airport. Beyond the working environment Bassano has much more to offer including the annual rodeo, the Bassano golf course, the Bassano Dam, a new outdoor community swimming pool, and more!

Town of Bassano


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