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The County of Newell, surrounding the City of Brooks, is home to nearly ten thousand people who reside on farms and within the several towns, villages and hamlets scattered throughout the area. With over two thirds of the population being under the age of 44, the economy in the region has seen rapid growth in recent years within its core economic bases of agriculture, oil and gas exploration and tourism. 

Over 1 million acres of productive farm land for both crops and livestock and over 800 farms, makes the County of Newell a productive agricultural region. Over 30,000 productive gas wells contribute to the success of Alberta's oil and gas industry. Tourism is bolstered by the many opportunities for water activities at Lake Newell, unique prairie scenery, adventures at Dinosaur Provincial Park, hunting opportunities and western rodeo action. The county and its communities host numerous recreational facilities and activities such as golf courses, museums, campgrounds, and restaurants. 

The County of Newell consists of the Hamlets of Gem, Patricia, Lake Newell Resort, Rainier, Rolling Hills, Tilley and Scandia.

County of Newell


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