Policing services is provided by the RCMP. There are two detachments in the Region - one in the Town of Bassano, and one in the City of Brooks. Community Peace Officers (CPO) ensure that the Newell Region bylaws are enforced, including patrols monitoring for overweight loads and possible infractions under the Provincial Acts or Regulations. A shared service agreement with other municipalities in the area (Bassano, Duchess, Tilley, Rosemary and the EID) allows the Newell Region CPO’s to also enforce each community’s bylaws. 

Brooks RCMP Detachment 
310 - 4th Street West 
Emergency Number: 911 
24 Hour Dispatch: (403) 362-5535 
Administration Line: (403) 362-5548 

Bassano RCMP Detachment 

801 - 11th Street 
Emergency Number: 911 
24 Hour Dispatch: (403) 641-3677 
Administration Line: (403) 641-3684 

Community Peace Officer 

707 - 2nd Avenue East, Brooks 
Office Number: (403) 362-3504

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